The Monthly Newsletter of Cece Jewellery

Having spent the majority of 2020 at home, unable to draw inspiration from the outside world through travel or art galleries, I thought I would highlight some of the beautiful textiles and patterns I have collected over the years that constantly feed my creativity when it comes to designing new pieces of jewellery.

There is something about the silhouette of a snake that is both dangerous and beautiful all at once. I bought this mirror from Graham and Green just over a year ago and it still gives me joy every time I pass it in the hallway… I’m planning on creating a snake inspired solid gold and diamond ring very soon, so if you’re a snake lover like me then keep your eyes peeled!

My mum and I discovered Sophie Patterson a few years back. It was one of those purchases you don’t even have to think about. Her cushions and quilts are dotted with the sweetest little hand embroidered animals and flowers all made from 100% silk. Not only are these cushions gorgeous, but they are all embroidered in India as part of an income generating project to support women living in remote areas in Bangladesh. As you can see the childlike playfulness of her designs brings a sweetness to my very moody dark blue velvet armchair..

I’ve slowly been collecting Burleigh Pottery for a few years now. My aim is to one day own their entire collection…(!) What drew me in at first was their beautiful pastel coloured floral designs, reminding me of a romantically British countryside summer. I then discovered that each piece is made my hand using copper rollers that have been intricately engraved, printed onto tissue paper and then meticulously applied to ceramics by Burleigh artisans. Being a trades person myself, I love supporting businesses that still use traditional techniques, focussing on time and quality rather than speed and quantity.

If I could cover my entire flat with pearl inlay furniture I would. But alas, I live with my boyfriend… so this is not an option. I bought this mirror on Portobello Road for half the price of the ones I had my eye on.

Most of my inspiration is drawn from Indian patterns and textiles so I instantly gravitate towards beautiful floral designs such as these. India has a long history with mother of pearl, it’s seas once rich with pearl oysters. So, when I’m sitting in my little London flat and look up at my beautiful mirror, I am taken to another world.

S kye McAlpine’s Cookbook ‘A Table For Friends’ is an absolute delight to read, with such delicious recipes such as her Spaghetti al Limóne or Lavender Honey Pannacotta. What draws me in the most however is her gorgeous table settings. Just like a work of art she fills her pretty floral plates with mountains of meringue covered in petals, or rainbow coloured carrots on a blush pink plate. If you’re familiar with my jewellery, you’ll know I love using pastel coloured sapphires, so this book is one of my go to for colour palate inspiration (AND delicious recipes…)