Behind The Pieces

Cece Jewellery is a bewitching blend of contemporary tattoos and luxury fine jewellery. From design to hand-crafting, take a glimpse into the studio and workshop…


"Design is where my strength lies, I like to leave the making process up to the professionals and place my jewellery in the hands of the masters in our industry"


 Cece’s design process is infused with her love for storytelling and art.


Surrounded by papers, pencils, and watercolour paints, Cece sketches out her ideas. Drawing on inspiration from mythology, art, and traditional tattoos, she mixes meaningful motifs to create unique narratives.


Each design is a balanced fusion of engraved, enamelled and star-set elements. Playing with layout, symbolism, and colour, Cece pours over multiple variations before settling on the final render.


A watercolour or digitally rendered painting of the chosen design provides a pattern for Cece’s master enamellers to follow.


After design, the journey continues in the storied workshops of London’s historic jewellery quarter.


Every piece of Cece Jewellery is handcrafted in 18ct gold to the most beautiful standard.


Rings, earrings and pendants begin life as individual cast or stamped ‘blanks’. Each one is expertly hand-formed and soldered, their surface perfectly smoothed by hand. The tools of jewellery craft have changed little over the centuries.


Cece’s signature satin polish is hand applied to each piece, giving the gold a soft, tactile finish that allows glossy enamel and stones to shine.


After enamelling, the piece returns to the jewellery bench, where stones are skillfully set into the metal. Set in vintage-inspired star settings, seed pearls, coloured precious stones, and diamonds add delicate embellishment.




Each ring or pendant starts its journey in Cece’s London workshop, made by hand and forged from beautifully deep and rich recycled 18ct yellow gold. It is then passed on to one of London’s most renowned enamellers where every design is hand engraved and then hand painted using fire and crushed glass to recreate each design perfectly. The piece is finally embellished with pearls and star set diamonds to complete the miniature scene. This meticulous and precious process means every ring is individual to the wearer; a mystical heirloom to last generations.




"I’ll never cease to find enamel painting entirely entrancing. It makes every piece unique - a minute work of art on a golden canvas"


The singular beauty of Cece jewellery is realised by an exacting and ancient craft. To translate her paintings onto gold, Cece turns to a master of Champlevé enamel. In the workshop of one of London’s most renowned enamellers, Cece’s original watercolour designs are recreated in miniature.


Meticulous and time-consuming, this extraordinary art dates back to the Byzantine era. First, the shape of the design is engraved onto the metal, creating a recessed ‘cell’ in which vitreous enamel is placed. Each colour of this powdered-glass enamel is painstakingly and individually applied. The finished piece is fired in a kiln, fusing enamel to gold.


Cece fell in love with enamel during her studies at the British Academy of Jewellery. As an art historian, she sees its breathtaking history; Celtic warrior’s hand-painted armour, Byzantine princesses' headpieces, Renaissance diamond jewellery.


There are now very few artisans in the world creating Champlevé enamel art. To this long story of craft, Cece adds her own, thoroughly modern, chapter.

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