The Monthly Newsletter of Cece Jewellery

Ithought I would treat my lovely boyfriend to a bit of bling this Christmas. For the last three years he’s been wearing a crappy bashed up silver ring, which was the first ring I ever made! Albeit sentimental, I feel like it’s my duty as a jeweller AND girlfriend to up his jewellery game. Men’s jewellery is a hard one to get right. I always find the simpler the better, no frills and sparkle but instead focus on the colour of metal, shape and finish – keeping a raw masculine edge to the piece.


I wanted the ring to hold value, and become a treasured item that lasts all of life’s adventures to come, so I went for 9ct gold instead of silver


Dan was slightly concerned that a gold D-shaped band would look too much like a wedding band (lol), so I went for a flat profile, which creates a sharper modern look


Instead of polishing the band so it looks glossy and sparkly, I decided to create a satin, matte finish to the ring resulting in a frosted shine

Ithought I would document part of the process of making this ring from my workshop at home. Before I started training to become a goldsmith I always wondered how on earth jewellery was made! I was fascinated by the idea that metal could be bent, moulded, and manipulated into beautiful soft shapes.


To add a little extra, I scribed some parallel lines on the profile of the ring and then went in with a fine saw blade. The last step will be to get a personal message engraved on the inside... and then TA DA! If you would like to chat men’s jewellery, please don’t hesitate to ask.