The Monthly Newsletter of Cece Jewellery

In true teenage style I rejected and rebelled against everything I knew to be familiar. My childhood was spent bare foot in fields and festivals, hanging around crazy hippies and inspiring old souls. My entire creative family (33 to be exact) have never worked for anyone else, always ‘sticking it to the man’ and marching to the beat of their own drum. So naturally the idea of suits, offices and regular salaries sounded rather glamorous to me.

By the time I left Exeter University studying History of Art, I felt so ready to get out there and start the race back home in London. But very soon I realised I couldn’t keep up. Interning at auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s were incredible experiences but sitting at a desk all day made me feel trapped and claustrophobic. At around this time I was also diagnosed with an autoimmune illness called ITP, which made it very hard for me to live a normal life without feeling exhausted. I tried to ignore my illness for as long as possible, forcing myself to socialise because I didn’t want to be seen as boring, and going into work when the idea of getting out of bed was tiring enough. Slowly the depression and anxiety took hold of me and everything had to stop.

This is the point in which creativity came soaring back into my life. My illness and anxiety meant I had to quit my job and stop socialising, and instead turn my attention inwards and heal. So, for a year I lived at home and rested, read Eckhart Tolle, explored CBT therapy, experimented with yoga and mindfulness and found jewellery.

My mum and dad suggested I do a short course up in Hatton Garden, so I found a 5-day ‘Beginners Course’ at VS Jewellery School. That week was pivotal; I was reminded of how important creativity was in my life. Being able to create something with my hands allowed me to escape my thoughts, which at the time were very distressing. It was so exciting learning to solder with fire, and saw and bend metal into beautiful shapes. The idea that I could be inspired and create jewellery in my own home, work on my own time, live at a pace of life that I needed, while altogether earning a living, was everything I was searching for.

Ithen went on to study ‘Jewellery Manufacturing’ at the British Academy of Jewellery, learning everything from designing, making, stone setting and engraving. After a year there I found work in a jewellery workshop at the lovely ECONE Jewellery boutique in Exmouth Market. I still work here part-time alongside running my very own jewellery business (!), where I am learning and growing every day.

And now here I am at 26, having done a full circle and ending up where I began, and exactly where I belong.